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President Trump Ends ACA Cost Sharing Reductions

Payments to insurers for cost sharing reductions are to be stopped immediately.

Contraception Mandate Rolled Back for Employers

A greater number of employers will now be able to opt out of providing contraception to employees at no cost through their employer-sponsored health plan.

October 2017 Executive Order on Healthcare

The order directs federal agencies to explore options relating to association health plans, short term limited-duration coverage, and HRAs, within the next 60 to 120 days.


While nobody likes being “shushed,” there are few things more annoying than trying to work when someone else is talking in the background.

The Perk of Pets

Companies on the leading edge of employee benefits, that want to stand out within an industry, will offer pet-friendly perks in order to attract top talent.

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There are places where you expect things to be noisy, such as a rock concert, and places where you expect it to be quiet, like an office.

Moments of Clarity: Being Transparent

Aristotle was right when he said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Companies and politicians like to say that they’re transparent, when in fact, they’re often the opposite. And, as in nature, in the absence of facts, people will often fill their minds with what is perceived.

About That Inheritance… Don’t Count on It

Not too long ago, it was assumed that Social Security would pay for most people’s retirement needs. Now, we know better and most employees, regardless of their age, are aware that they need to save additional funds for their retirement.

Coffee is the Nectar of the Gods

Ah, coffee, is there any better beverage? Speaking as a lover of coffee, but not a coffee snob, I always look forward to that first morning cup.

VR for HR

No matter how well traveled you are, or how busy your lifestyle may be, you likely haven’t been everywhere in the world, or done everything there is to do. There is technology out there, however, that can bring the world to you.

Employer Webinar Series

What Employers Need to Know When Going from Fully Insured to Self-Funded

This webinar will cover what to consider when an employer is moving from being fully insured to self-funded.

August 2017 Employer Webinar

This webinar will cover what to consider when offering severance agreements or bonus plans.

The Leave Management Puzzle: Challenges & Solutions for Midsize Employers

Leveraging more than 70 years of industry experience and insights from Guardian's 2017 Absence Management Study, their presenters will discuss current trends, challenges, and potential solutions.

What Employers Need to Know about Taxing Benefits

This webinar will help employers understand their obligations when they offer benefits that are subject to income tax withholding and employment taxes.

What Employers Need to Know about Offering and Terminating Employee Benefits

This webinar will help employers understand their responsibilities when offering and terminating employee benefits.