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United Benefit Advisors Welcomes Dan Jordan as its New Director of Partner Development

Dan Jordan will recruit new UBA Partner Firms, train their staff to use UBA tools and technologies, and build relationships with Partners and carriers.

IRS Updates Guidance on Play or Pay Penalty Assessments

In late 2017, the IRS plans to issue Letter 226J to inform large employers of their potential liability for an employer shared responsibility payment.

With Below Average Cost, Increasing Enrollment, CDHPs Have Big Impact

The prevalence of consumer-directed health plans continues to grow in most markets and costs are still below average.

Employee Benefit Plans and the House Republican Tax Reform Bill

If passed, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax reform bill would make changes to employee fringe benefits.

Climate Leave: PTO for when the Wind Blows

How should employers handle pay for employees unable to come to work because of a natural disaster?

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PTO for When the Wind Blows

This year, much of the United States had some form of major natural disaster—hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tornados—and millions of people were either directly affected, or had a family member or close friend who was affected. This life-changing disruption often meant that people couldn’t, or weren’t able to, go to work.

Stop Handing Out Your SSN Like Candy

Social Security numbers (or SSNs) used to be tied just to your Social Security benefits. Now, that number is tied to just about everything used to identify you.

Get Moving… To Live!

The phrase: “If I’m lying, I’m dying” should be changed to: “If I’m sitting, I’m dying” even though it doesn’t rhyme.


There are places where you expect things to be noisy, such as a rock concert, and places where you expect it to be quiet, like an office.

Moments of Clarity: Being Transparent

Aristotle was right when he said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Companies and politicians like to say that they’re transparent, when in fact, they’re often the opposite. And, as in nature, in the absence of facts, people will often fill their minds with what is perceived.

Employer Webinar Series

On-boarding & Off-boarding Techniques

Join us to learn how to effectively get new employees up to speed and productive quickly.

What Employers Need to Know about IRS Reporting in 2018

This 60-minute intermediate level webinar will help employers determine the best practices for reporting in 2018.

What Employers Need to Know When Going from Fully Insured to Self-Funded

This webinar will cover what to consider when an employer is moving from being fully insured to self-funded.

August 2017 Employer Webinar

This webinar will cover what to consider when offering severance agreements or bonus plans.

The Leave Management Puzzle: Challenges & Solutions for Midsize Employers

Leveraging more than 70 years of industry experience and insights from Guardian's 2017 Absence Management Study, their presenters will discuss current trends, challenges, and potential solutions.